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Always Creating

Since the age of five, Sallie Pasquinelli has had a true passion for artistic expression and all things beautiful and unique.  Growing up, Sallie spent 15 consecutive summers visiting her grandfather in Green Bay, Wisconsin near the Fox River, discovering diverse ways to occupy her time.  “I was always looking for new things to do,” Sallie said in a recent interview.  On these annual trips she encountered varying ways to express herself through art.  From wood burning, to creating plaster pieces and finding innovative ways to paint them, to teaching herself to sew at the age of 13, Sallie has spent her life creating new artistic pieces and breathing new life into “found objects” that speak to her imagination.  

Her love of “found objects” (ordinary items she has come across over the years) inspires Sallie to “see the things that ‘could be’ instead of what they really are.”  Over the span of more than 90 years Sallie has immersed herself in the pursuit of her passions which range from her early interest in sculpture, to sewing, painting, and a love of interior design (which was her original career choice in her youth).   Sallie believes it is always important to “create something tangible, something to show for your work.” She was well on her way to becoming an interior designer when she met “Papa”, her term of endearment for her husband, Bruno, to whom she has been married for 70 years.  Marriage and children took Sallie’s life in a new and exciting direction – one that challenged her to grow as an artist and an individual.


After starting her family and settling in Flossmoor, Illinois, a south suburb of Chicago, Sallie was lucky enough to discover several kindred souls when she encountered a new group in town called “The Village Artists”.  Founded in 1964 as a troupe for local creators and teachers to gather and share their ideas, Sallie was the first student the group welcomed.  Through her association with other artists (mostly women like her with school aged children) Sallie was able to create and teach art, nurturing her varied natural talents. Sallie credits her time with The Village Artists as “one long learning experience”.  Continually determined to produce the best work they could, the group offered “critiques given with love.” It was this constant feedback that spurred Sallie on to discover new ways to continually improve upon the artistic techniques she sought to master.

One of her fellow artists from the group, Mary Clarke, became a lifelong friend of Sallie’s. Together they formed a bond spanning over 50 years.  Through her association with the Village Artists group and together with her best friend, Mary Clarke, Sallie expanded her horizons not just through various classes, but on outings the members took to other art exhibits and museums.  Sallie’s dedication to “always be learning or teaching or creating” found a perfect home at The Village Artists where she had the personal space and tools necessary to continue fostering her talents - and her best friend to encourage and support her along the way.


These days Sallie works out of her home studio in Benton Harbor, Michigan where she remains continually fascinated by found objects.  Lately, it has been clocks and clock cases that have been her focus. When she finds a clock or clock case that intrigues her, she carefully builds upon the existing design with paint and various sculpture techniques, creating something new and whimsical where once there was an ordinary object.  It is these and other “found objects” that have always inspired Sallie.


But painting and sculpture aren’t the only mediums Sallie enjoys.  An expert seamstress, she collects a variety of specialty papers and sews them together using a variety of patterns. Delicate, Japanese paper plays a starring role in this passion which renders colorful and whimsical garments that feature decorative stitching and other delightful details.  Her extraordinary sewn paper clothing and her uniquely designed clocks and clock cases are just a couple of the pieces Sallie will showcase in her upcoming art show.

Throughout her incredible life, Sallie has found “peace in art” and steadfast desire to “always be creating”.


If you are interested in discussing my work more, please email me.

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